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Musculoskeletal Problems

Musculoskeletal problems often arise from a number of factors rather than from a particular specific injury. Factors include the particular instrument a musician plays, the musician's gender, and individual physical characteristics such as the musician's hand and body size. Most musculoskeletal problems are medically not serious, but they can have unfavorable effects on performance.


At the CSA, we teach students proper technique and handling of their instruments to avoid physical complications in the future. We encourage our students to stretch prior to playing their instrument, and we advise students on when to take breaks during practicing.


This diagram illustrates proper sitting posture (left) and improper sitting posture (right).

Below is a list of resources for further consultation:

The Musician's Way offers a comprehensive list of articles and books on the physical challenges musicians face and ways to care for your body.

The Alexander Technique teaches thoughtful efficient physical movement so that musicians can perform free of tension.

Yoga has proven effective for physical and emotional balance. Among the numerous resources, click on this YouTube video for a good introduction to yoga for musicians.

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