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Keeping Our Musicians Healthy

You might be surprised to learn playing a musical instrument is physically demanding. In fact, like athletes, musicians can suffer from a number of health issues. For string players, the vast majority of these issues involve musculoskeletal afflictions and hearing impairments, but skin disorders also arise. Health issues can start any time in the life of a musician, and sometimes problems that begin during childhood do not become serious until later in life. Some health problems are so devastating that they can end a musician's career.

One of our foremost goals at the Community School for the Arts is to prevent young musicians from developing health maladies related to playing. For this reason, we are identifying resources and providing links to credible sources and proven techniques. After all, music is something we want all members of the CSA to enjoy and to cultivate throughout our lives.


Hearing Loss

Most musicians will enjoy normal hearing throughout their lives; nevertheless, hearing levels can gradually erode, depending on the types of musical activities in which  musicians engage. 


Musculoskeletal Problems

Music students, amateur musicians, and professional performers of all ages may encounter musculoskeletal problems.

Skin Disorders

Depending on the instrument, musicians may experience a number of skin disorders. These disorders, whether they are allergies or a localized condition, usually are not severe, but they can be chronic.



Before playing even a single note, musicians should warm up their muscles. Stretching is a great way to warm up the many muscles musicians use when practicing and performing. 

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