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Our Vision

The COA provides professional, comprehensive music education for students starting at the age of 5 while enriching the arts in the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo metropolitan area. Students achieve their potential as thoughtful and informed musicians who effectively share their passion for music with others. 


We aspire to share our love and passion for music with our students so that they, too, can cherish this incredible art throughout their lives. As the world-famous physicist Albert Einstein once remarked, "I know that the most joy in my life has come to me from my violin."

Helping students to understand the language of music serves as a tool for life-long appreciation. Studying music in its cultural context aids in interpretation and leads to a sense of empathy. Learning the language of music provides a means or effective and proper interpretation. Both cultural context and understanding a composer's musical style produce compelling and effective interpretations that move performers and audiences alike.

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