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Hearing Health

Most musicians who play classical music enjoy normal hearing throughout their lives. In fact, several who undergo systematic training in critical listening actually improve their skills. Learning to listen carefully and taking care of your hearing prove paramount in becoming a musical artist. 

Unfortunately, some musicians undergo hearing loss in the course of their lives. There are several reasons, the most prevalent being

  • practicing for long periods of time without a break. This includes ensemble rehearsal,  private practicing, and regular performances

  • teaching others throughout the day without sufficient breaks.  


At the CSA, we teach our students proper rehearsal strategies to prevent hearing loss. Advising students on proper handling of their instruments and devising strategic seating placements factor into hearing preservation. Learning a variety of practice strategies and taking frequent breaks also avert unnecessary hearing loss.

Being proactive can result in a life-long enjoyment of music. We encourage musicians to monitor their listening abilities to prevent hearing loss. For those needing a professional assessment, appointments can be made with a certified audiologist at the MSUM Speech-Language & Hearing Clinic.

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